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Our Story

Our Specialties

When at Amardeen, please introduce yourself to the proprietors, Eva and Camille Bsaibes. 
"My family's passion for food and people stem from our background in Lebanon. We used to live in a little village in the Bekaa Valley. We owned table grape vineyards that we tended to all year in anticipation for the harvest in the fall. Life in the old country centered around food and our premise in the fertile valley made it truly a center for a great cuisine and culture but not without its hardship"

Having since immigrated here in the 90's, Camille and Eva wanted to bring a little bit of home with them. What better way to share an entire culture and lifestyle than by sharing it through food. The same food and recipes handed down from one generation to the other. Here at Amardeen we know how to make great quality Lebanese and Mediterranean cuisine because we have lived that life. It is as much about the food as it is about the value of family and the community relationship . Come and join our family


We are a Lebanese family that takes great pride in serving authentic meals straight out of Grandma's kitchen. The century old craft of preparing Lebanese and Mediterranean cuisine is our focus. We make sure to use only ingredients of the highest quality to bring to fruition the art of making healthy and delicious fare.

Come and partake in the culinary experience of the Meza. As one would find across the Mediterranean, such as the gastronomical nirvanas prevalent in Spain's Tapas and Italy's Antipasto, the Lebanese Meza offers an array of small bites or plates. A wide spectrum of color and taste awaits, pleasing for both the vegetarian and meat loving palates. Amardeen's Meza will include enough for a party of two to three. Come with family and friends and pair the Meza with a glass of red or white Lebanese Wine. Take your time to savor the food and experiment with the plethora of tastes, from the lemony Tabouleh to the seven spiced flavors of the Shawarma. 

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